Lisa is committed to enhancing the bond between people and their pets.  She offers a variety of services to increase your pet's welfare and to help you communicate with your pet.

Lisa is in the process of completing her certification as a group fitness instructor, (for people!)

Fitness is an important aspect of a pet's health and well being and those of people!  So why not have a group training class that a person can take with their dog!  Efficient and Fun!

Lisa has more than 25 years in the veterinary field.  She graduated from the Veterinary Technician program at MATC in 1994 and completed her Bachelor's in Psychology, (Animal Behavior) shortly after.  


Lisa has spent the last 25 years exploring and educating herself on the science of learning theory and animal behavior.  She has taught group dog training classes, done private training sessions, performed behavior consultations within a clinical and private setting. 

Lisa has developed protocols for a variety of species and behavior issues!