When you need to travel you want to know your pet(s) are being well cared for.  Boomerang Pet Care can visit your pet in their own home or board them.  If boarded your pet is invited into Lisa's home and made an honorary Bach pet!  They will need to stay in a crate at bed time and when alone but otherwise join in on whatever fun the family is up to.  Lisa has 3 children, cats, birds, chickens and 5 wooded acres for pups to explore.  Exercise is always aplenty!  Your pets are in a loving and comfortable family setting! 

If Lisa visits your pet(s) in their home she is careful to follow your routine as closely as possible to reduce stress to your pet.  

She will also pick up your mail, water plants and keep an eye on  your home.  

All pets are included in the visit charge so no one is left out.  This is a great option for people who have multiple pets and species!

Visits are made as often as you would like and all husbandry duties such as litter box cleaning, walking, feedings and giving medications are completed.