Behavioral Consultations/Private Training:

Initial consultation $250.00-$350.00

2-3 hours of discussion and assessment
Management tips
detailed case report for you and your veterinarian
continued e-mail/phone support
weekly homework

Subsequent Sessions $35/hour
*additional mileage charge for outside of Service Area*

Video Consultations:  $25/hour
Workshops: $30/workshop attended
Training/Consulting for Rescue Organizations: $25/hour

Pet Sitting

We all have to leave home sometime and can't always take our pets along.  Not all pets do well in a kennel and it can be expensive when you have several pets.  Boomerang will visit and care for your pets in the comfort of their own home.

A  30-45 minute visit will include: 

-All pets in the home
-Dog walking 
-Mail pickup 
-Checking on house 
-Play and Cuddle time

Pet Training and Consulting

Lisa received her degree in Psychology emphasizing learning theory and behavioral analysis.  Her training methods are positive and family oriented.  Lisa holds workshops in her barn or will come to you. 
You can schedule a behavioral consultation at your home.  Lisa will do an assessment of your dog, write up a training protocol for you and a trainer to follow.  Lisa has a long list of in-home private trainers that she can recommend to you.

If you wanted to have play-date group training sessions with friends discounted rates are available as well.
Sometimes you have just one skill you'd like your pet to master.  Lisa offers 1-2 hour workshops on one skill.  Some examples being recalls, jumping, barking, polite leash walking and general fears.
If your pet/s do better with only family members or you live too far away for Lisa to visit your home video consultations are available.  Lisa will help you set up a video account so she can watch how the training/modification is going and can help you remotely.